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Evening Magazine

Evening Magazine 25th Anniversary story about Joe Micheals.

Evening Magazine 25

The [206] | Promo 1

This was the first promo for The [206] - with John Keister, Pat Cashman, and Chris Cashman.

Promo for The [206]

King 5 Announcer

I've been an announcer at King 5 since 1981.

Here is a sample of some more recent V/Os.

Montage of King 5 V/Os

Almost Live! | Promo 1990

This promo for Almost Live! was filmed in my living room. - with John Keister.

Almost Live! | Promo 1990

Voice-Overs on Film

  • Hand That Rocked The Cradle (Buena Vista)
  • Where The Air Is Cool And Dark (Independent)
  • Big City Dick (Independent)

Stage Performances


  • Two Gentlemen of Verona, Panthino (Seattle University)
  • Curmudgeons, Junkard (Burien Little Theater)
  • Two Tickets Christmas, Rev. Doyle (Praise Community Church)
  • Seattle Coffee Christmas, Chris (Christian Faith Center)

Stand Up

  • Comedy Underground Showcase


  • Freehold (Actor)
  • Richard Brestoff/Pat French (Film Acting)
  • Pat Fraley

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